Thursday-February 22, 2018 
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FORBES magazine names YourSurgery.Com as one of it's "Best of the Web"

YourSurgery.Com® is a developing website that seeks to empower and educate the average individual by providing a comprehensive library of surgical procedures presented in an easy to understand format. Designed to be an additional and complementary source of information to a doctor’s care, YourSurgery.Com® provides a basis for the patient to generate questions for his/her personal surgeon, and acts as a resource for physicians with which to educate their patients. Equipped with simple diagrams and state of the art animation, YourSurgery.Com® is an excellent resource for patients and their families, physicians and students.


The procedures are written by surgeons in their given specialty of surgery. Each procedure has been edited and combined with illustrations, radiological material, and sometimes animations to make it more understandable to the average viewer. The Editor of YourSurgery.Com® is Harold D. Portnoy, M.D. who has been in the practice of Neurological Surgery for over 35 years, a researcher and an author of over 70 publications. Our Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Michael Stys provides the implementation expertise and 3D visualization that enables this site to 'come alive' and serve both the layperson and other physicians.

The Company

YourSurgery.Com® has combined over 50 years of committed surgical and computer graphics expertise to produce cutting edge medically oriented educational material. We pride ourselves on accuracy and clarity with an eye for detail.